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Expanding Business - New Product in Line- University of Edinburgh Equestrian Club.

Expanding Business - New Product in Line- University of Edinburgh Equestrian Club.

It is always great when a business expands to uncharted territories. But it is even better when it is the customer that inspires you to try new things.

A few months ago the University of Edinburgh Equestrian Club approached us with the idea of creating a product we have never made before.

Stocks ties are ties worn around the neck of equestrians when they dress formally for events, competitions and hunting. It’s a bespoke garment that normally costs quite a lot and suppliers are scarce.

The Edinburgh University Equestrian Club has achieved many awards in competitions this past year, achieving second and first place in BUCS leagues doing dressage and show jumping.

The President of the Society, Rachael Robertson talked to us about how nice it would be to have bespoke ties and stock ties created for their society, bearing the colours of one of the most famous Universities in the world.

So the idea was born. Many draft designs later, the first stock tie from Tie Club was created.




The patterns and sizing is harder to be woven but in the end a great quality product was on its way from the factory and in a price that one would not easily come across in the equestrian equipment market.

Equestrianism is an extremely popular activity and a highly diverse and family friendly sport with community participation on an international level. It is one of the few sports where men and women compete on an equal footing.

The Equine Industry is a prosperous one. According to the British Horse Society the total economic impact of British Racing in 2012 was GBP 3.45 billion with the majority of horse riders being female.

The University of Edinburgh Sports societies encourage young people to socialise while keeping fit and promoting the values of the sports world like discipline, teamwork, persistence.

The University Equestrian Society is the only one in Scotland that has four teams in the inter- university league offering classes to all levels.

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We are proud to support such clubs and be inspired to create great products for them!


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