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Why do they ask you to wear a tie to the office?

Why do they ask you to wear a tie to the office?

It makes you act like a professional, if anything less, it makes you look like one. NO. We’re not saying that putting on a tie has nothing to do with your looks or those who love pairing their extravagantly customized ties to pull off fashionably minimalist-yet- attractive looks with their office dress code should stop doing that. There’s more to wearing a tie than your tie playing a part to complete your professional attire.

Just so that we don’t come across as anti-tie-make-you-look-good. Here’s something that would cheer you up and encourage you to continue to experiment with your ties (Oh, yes! It has to do with ladies). A survey conducted by Female First, of late, revealed that women prefer men in a suit and tie look over their casual outfits. And Bows-n-Ties’ revealed that women are three times more attracted to men who wears a suit on the first date than jeans and a t-shirt. So, now you know what to wear on your next date with the girl you’ve eying for so long.

Do you really think it’s the only reason your bosses would take you out of the comfort of wearing t-shirts and jeans and put you in formals all at once? Let’s uncover the truth—

You’re uncomfortable, what’s a better situation to judge you?

You’re uncomfortable, what’s a better situation to judge you?

There are many reasons which would make you uncomfortable wearing a tie, so how would you able to give your best?  Would you be able to exude the same amount of confidence? Do your work as diligently as you showed? It’s like a stress test and want to see how well you do. So, if you do well in the test—you’ve made an impression.

You didn’t know you were their means of branding.

Surely, your company has got an agency to market their brand and they are paying for it. If you have got a tie with company’s logo or crest on it, your actions become their.

Just for fun consider wearing a Donald Duck Tie to the office

They want you to manage things and focus.
How many ties do you own? We ask because you’d not want to wear the dirty one again tomorrow, or better get it dry cleaned. They expect you to come clean and tidy every other day. That’s how they want you to manage things and learn to manage in the long run. Perhaps a promotion or an exciting appraisal is it’s on way.

They want to instill ownership in you.
As you begin suiting up for your office, gradually, you’d see yourself differently, a sense of responsibility and ownership would begin to show up inside you.

They want you to look pleasing, after all.

They want you to look pleasing, after all

What can make a man look better than a crisp shirt, well-tailored pants and an adorable tie?

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