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Process Infographic

Stage 1

Free Samples

Tie Club will send free samples of previous work upon request to showcase the high quality and range of materials and designs used. Address and contact information must be provided during initial communications.

We require confirmation that the ties have been received and whether or not you are happy to proceed. During this stage we will begin producing designs but only if we have received the relevant logo or crest.

Stage 2

Free Design

Designs for any of our products are generated by the Artwork Team consisting of professional designers and fashion interns. This is a free service and we aim to ensure that the chosen tie design is correctly translated onto the final product.

We will incorporate any relevant crests or logos as well as any stated preferences. We aim to send the first 2 drafts by email within two days and follow up with more options after we have received feedback from you.

We can also replicate any existing ties, bow ties and ladies’ scarves at no extra cost. Once you are happy with a design and wish to proceed with an order you only need to specify quantity and chosen design. We must have confirmation of the order in writing. This can be done either by email or letter.

Stage 3

Production & Payment

After the order has been confirmed we will email you a 50% deposit invoice. We require payment of this before we move to production.

After payment has been received the design is forwarded to our manufacturers and it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for an initial sample to be produced.

We will send an image of the initial sample tie at which stage changes can be made if necessary. If however the client is satisfied with the tie then full production can go ahead based on the photo but only if we receive confirmation of approval*. After confirmation that you are happy to proceed to full production no further changes can be made.

At this stage we require payment of the remaining 50% balance before we move to full production. It will take approximately 3-5 weeks from start of production until you receive your order.

*We will also send out the sample tie itself which the client can wait for before confirming they would like to proceed but note this will take approximately a further week.


Costs for shipping within the UK is only 6.99+VAT but delivery out-with the UK is exempt from VAT.

Important notes:
  1. All children’s products are VAT free.
  2. Ties and scarves can be made to any measurement specifications.
  3. Customers are more than welcome to send a product that they wish to be replicated. We will endeavour to return the item with the bulk order however we assume no responsibility for loss or damage of the item.
  4. The total process takes approximately 7 weeks and we inform the client when the full order will be received based on this estimation. However if there is a delay due to difficulties contacting the client then we assume no responsibility for any delays in the arrival of the order.
  5. If the order is cancelled after an initial sample has been produced and 50% deposit paid, we will provide a refund but a charge for the sample that was produced will be taken from this (30% of total deposit).
  6. We will not provide a refund if an order is cancelled after approval to proceed with the full order has been given by the customer.
  7. Artwork is property of Tie Club and unless otherwise stated by client we have the right to document and utilise it for social media purposes. If we find that artwork produced by Tie Club Ltd has been used for any other purpose we will seek compensation.
  8. Please note that artwork created for the client can only be used for the manufacturing of products through Tie Club Ltd.
  9. If the client decides to not proceed with an order after initial designs are produced, we have the right to utilise these designs for other prospective clients (logo not included).